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Catastrophic Injuries

California Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Catastrophic injuries are those that leave a colossal impact on the life of an individual. A devastating injury can leave a person unable to return to normal activities or perform any meaningful work. Such injuries can be permanent, meaning that the life of the person living with them changes completely. These changes don’t just affect the victim but the people around him or her as well. If you were the head of the household, then your dependents may start to suffer, especially when there are no other means of income. Financial constraints set in, leading to even more problems. There are serious costs associated with personal injuries. Regardless of what caused them, you will need proper treatment and that requires money. Emotional distress is another aftermath of such injuries. Victims of catastrophic injuries need to get their rightful compensation and a specialized lawyer from a Los Angeles Personal Injury law firm can help.



Catastrophic injuries can be the result of very many causes. Vehicle crashes are some of the most frequent causes of severe injuries. T-bone collisions, motorbike accidents, head-on collisions, truck accidents, and rollovers are some of the more common cases that lead to irreparable damages to their victims. Medical malpractice is another reason you or a loved one may be lying in a hospital unable to get back to normal. A medical practitioner may have made an incorrect diagnosis or administered the wrong treatment, causing sickness to get serious. Or an injury could be due to a work-related accident, slip and fall, fire, or sporting activity just to mention a few. Whatever the accident cause, any party that carries blame should pay the settlements.


Personal Injury and Property Damage Recovery

Property recovery claims are often the first component of a settlement that is transferred by the respondent insurance company, which is also a good sign that the insurance company will not fight liability on their client’s part. This protection can include assignment of a rental vehicle while awaiting repairs or paying off the value of the vehicle if it is totaled out by the insurance company. The personal injury settlement negotiation is usually where the most intense resistance occurs from the insurance provider, especially when the insurance adjuster thinks they can argue for an increase in the comparative negligence percentage of the injured plaintiff driver or avoid long-term medical coverage for permanent or disabling injuries included in an intentionally delayed settlement.


Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Most injuries that take a long time to heal and permanent damages fall into this category.

Traumatic head injuries /Traumatic brain injuries, top the list, especially in car and motorcycle accidents. Serious injuries like these can leave lifelong damages with some victims remaining in vegetative states for the rest of their lives. TBI can also cause memory loss, vision loss, physical and mental disabilities among other conditions.

Spinal injuries are the other common consequences of traumatic accidents. Injuries to the spine can be the result of the neck or neck getting hurt during an accident. Paralysis is the primary result of spinal injuries. Besides car crashes, an incorrect diagnosis of an illness can cause such injuries.

Multiple Bone Fractures can leave devastating impacts on a victim. Breaking several bones in the body is not only extremely painful but may take a very long time to heal, and in some cases, not entirely. A person who breaks both legs in a work-related accident may not be able to get back their full mobility even after treatment, thus compromising their source of livelihood.

Injuries resulting from a fire can be as damaging as any other. A victim may be left disfigured or without proper mobility, depending on the extent of the burns.

In some injury cases, it may be necessary to amputate a limb or more to save the life of an individual. Normal life for such a victim is not possible, and the treatment options available such as prosthetics may be too expensive.

Dental injuries and wrongful death are other outcomes that a victim and their loved ones may have to deal with after a catastrophic injury.


Why you need a Lawyer

Now that you have some basics on catastrophic injuries, you may be wondering where a Los Angeles law firm comes in. Suing for compensation after suffering a devastating accident is not an easy task. Serious injury cases tend to get messy and may take a long time. Our injury attorneys at JT Legal Group know the right procedures when filing such lawsuits.

Our injury attorney understand the state and federal laws to stick to when dealing with such cases. For instance, an attorney has the resources and expertise to file a claim within the required time limits. In California, personal injury suits must be brought forward within two years of an accident. For cases involving medical mistakes or negligence, the limitation is three years. When suffering from devastating injuries, it may be impossible to beat that time limit. Even if you are filing the case on behalf of a loved one, there may be too much to deal with within that period. Failing to meet the required time limit jeopardizes your chances of compensation. Hiring a lawyer may eliminate those risks.
Personal injury accidents require a lot of work and resources. So many aspects come into play, especially when multiple parties are involved. You, as the plaintiff, have to prove the case. Meeting the burden of proof is not always straightforward, particularly in medical malpractice cases. You have to prove that your injuries are due to the sub-standard care received from a physician. There must also be an indication that there was a patient-doctor relationship. Gathering all the necessary documentation is a task that a Glendale injury attorney can handle with efficiency. If a motorcycle crash resulted in dental injuries or other damages, a lawyer will conduct the necessary investigations to back your case.
Negotiating settlements is another reason having a lawyer would be helpful. Handling an insurance company after an accident is not particularly an easy task. When a case is strong, an insurance adjuster will try to settle quickly and quietly, which usually means pressuring the victim. Whether it is a car accident or a case of wrongful death, you may not be in a position to make the right compensation decisions. An attorney will know how to calculate compensation depending on the severity of damages. If it’s a case of medical mistakes or sub-standard care from a hospital, there are issues of license revocation to consider. Our lawyers have dealt with cases like these before and know what works. We work to get you a fair compensation that corresponds to the degree of suffering and damages that you or a relative has suffered.



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Types Of Catastrophic Injuries

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