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Dog Bites

Los Angeles Dog Bite Attorney

Statistically, less than 1 percent of bite victims are compensated. This means while roughly 4.7 million Americans become dog bite victims every year, only about 15,000 of these victims ever receive compensation from an insurance company. Without a proper personal injury attorney, a dog bite victim has very little chance of receiving compensation for his (or her) injuries.


Establishing Your Claim

A big misconception that people have about dog bites is that in order for someone to be properly compensated for the injuries they suffered, the dog must have been known to be dangerous. However, the owner can actually be held liable even when the dog was not previously determined to be dangerous. Nevertheless, awarding compensation to a dog bite victim is not automatic; it will require the assistance and expertise of an experienced personal injury attorney.

Our experienced lawyers already have a network of experts and resources in place to assist you in building a successful case. Some of the information your lawyer will need in order to build your case and establish your claim will include:

  • Identifying the dog
  • Identifying the owner of the dog
  • Identifying how serious the injuries are
  • Identifying what instigated the dog bite to occur

With this information in hand, paired with the professional skills and networks of our attorneys, we will be able to build a strong case for you. The question now is, what kind of compensation could you be entitled to?

Types of Dog Bite Compensation

If a dog bit you, you may be entitled to various types of personal injury compensation, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning abilities
  • Lifestyle changes

Exactly what type of compensation a bite victim is entitled to varies from one case to the next. The right kind of lawyer will assess the circumstances that pertain to your individual claim to determine how the dog bite impacted your life.

Getting a Lawyer Doesn’t Mean Suing

It is important to keep in mind that roughly 98 percent of bodily injury cases settle without going to court. Getting an attorney to help settle your dog bite case does not increase your chances of going to court. In fact, any experienced personal injury attorney knows how to settle a bite claim quickly and efficiently, as most insurance companies would rather not go to court and incur excessive expenses that they could have avoided. In some cases, retaining an attorney just reassures the insurance company that you are serious about the matter.


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— Jack Ter-Saakyan, Esq.

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